retrodiode LED retrofit kits for classic & older microscopes Zeiss Nikon Leitz Wild Olympusretro diode LED kits for older microscopes zeiss nikon wils leitz olympus
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Microscope dealerships and service companies contact us directly for bulk deals or models not found in online store

Other Items:
(Coming soon)
Round Lamp house
Build to order
Box Lamp house
Build to order
Solar Rechargable Battery pack for
scopes in the field
(Coming soon)
One-Ten (110)
(Coming soon)
* = available in 20 watt systems built to order
Lamp Housing *
(build to order)
Zeiss Primo
Build to order
Senza: Standards missing black
illuminator tube.
Build to order
BX-50, 51
10, 20 watt
* -
build to order
CX 31/41
Build to order
Alphaphot Yh2
(Coming soon)
Build to order
Other Items:

* = available in 20 watt systems built to order

New: 20 watt systems are now in
and available for most models.

New: 30 watt systems are now in
and available for some models.

I build them to order

Custom branding options are being offered with bulk order & discounts for resellers.

Email me for more info.

Bulbs getting expensive or hard to find?

Electronic parts starting to fail or fall apart?

Purchased an old microscope that is missing the illuminator?

Fewer companies are manufacturing these bulbs leaving us to rely on old stock that is vanishing from the market.

Avoid the hassles of tracking down rare bulbs.

No need to modify your classic microscope.

Updated illumination you need to keep your vintage microscope in service once and for all.

Bright 50,000 hour rated LED may be the last illuminator you will need to purchase.

Vintage microscope LED retrofit kit:
- Simple
- Low cost
- Efficient
- High-brightness
- Dimmable
- Long lasting

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We are adding new models all of the time. Keep checking in with us

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Currently we do not offer net-30

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retro Diode LED retrofit kits for classic microscopes
Outfitted with a high-power white light LED & dimmer control box, this 800 lumen source can cover even the more photon hungry applications such as oblique, epi & dark field microscopy.

Need more power? Ask us about our 20 watt systems

LED retrofit for vintage or older microscopes--retroDIODE

These LED kits fit a variety of scopes.
Click through our links listed above to find yours.

Your scope not listed above?

3D printing design and production techniques allows us to offer custom designs to fit our LED illuminator system to your unique microscope.

For more Information
Contact by clicking:
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retro Diode LED retrofit kits for a variety of classic microscopes- microscope bulbs are running out

Each illuminator assembly is a 3D printed plastic body encapsulating the electronic and heat sink core. This design is a technique that allows us to accurately fit a variety of vintage scopes with a reliable system at reasonable price.

The color temperature of the LED is
3000K to 4000K or 5500K to 6000K depending on the model. We will be expanding the color temp options for more specalized applications.

If you have questions about which color temp
to get simply contact us :
(email link: info)

Click here to Download Information sheet PDF
Updated with the new LEDs

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LED for Nikon S invertrd microscope-- retroDIODE
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