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Support for your microscope LED retrofit KIT:

1 year Warranty:
Each illuminator kit is supported by a 1 year warranty againsed failure.
In that time, If your illuminator kit fails due to manufacture or part defect we will ship a replacement to you.

Trouble shooting:
At any time, If a problem arises that require some trouble shooting:

Open a support ticket with us by emailing:

Please include the model name and a brief description of the problem.

Helpful Information:

New (10-5-16)

(20 watt systems are in! They have a unique 31KHZ PWM dimmers and dual regulated supply to drive the cooling fans seperately. No interference from vibrations and perfect for digital microscopy!

30 watt systems are in. Has the same qualities as the 20 watt guys but even more power.

All our high power systems are build to order.

Custom branding options for microscope service people

For the 10 Watt systems: We have a High Frequency Pulse width modulators ay 21 Khz that overcome the noise artifacts in some camras. See our ebay store

Pulse Width Modulator Dimmer control (PWM):
PWM is
currently the most reliable way to accurately dim a high power LED.
The current to voltage requirements of the diode is very strict so dimming the current or the voltage can eventualy damage a high power LED. The way around this is to blink the LED at a high frequency. The adjustment you make to dim the LED is expanding the off cycle of the pulses.
This is Okay as it is outside detection of the human eye, but, artifacts on camras (usually video) with high frame rates have been reported.

If you see some artifacts like flickering interference adjust your framerate or exposure time to compensate. When running the camera from the computer the your preview software will sometimes react to this.
More on Pulse width modulation (click here)

NOTE: 20-Watt units Available

30 watt systems also available on some models
Starting with Zeiss Ultraphot

retro Diode LED retrofit kits for classic microscopes

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