retrodiodeLED retrofit for LEITZ
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Leitz microscope LED retrofit kit- retroDIODE Ortholux
A complete kit: No assembly required & ready for operation!

- 10-watt 800 lumen max LED with a 50,000 hour rating & 6000-7000K Temp.

- Dimmer control box.

- 100 to 240 VAC 50-60hz input power supply.*

Note* Power supply has a USA plug configuration.
For other countries:
Only an inexpensive plug adapter is needed.
No power conversion is required.
We do not sell plug adapters with the kit.
They are very inexpensive. To order on ebay click the following:
(click here for more on plug adapters)

Consistency of LEITZ:
The depicted illuminator Lamp housing (top right image) was used over many years for several scope models. If your Leitz microscope has this type of lamp housing then our Lo2-10 kit will fit.

Efficient & bright:
No wasted light from an inefficient bulb or the lack of reflectors. In the L10 illuminator the LED faces forward to the collector optics inside the lamp housing so you get even illumination with more of the light generated by the LED.

Fits Ortholux II, Diavert inverted, Metallux II , Ortholux II-POL & some 170TL Dialux models
that ust the depicted Illuminator housing
May fit others.
See photos-----
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LED retrofit for Ortholux microscope
Leitz microscope LED kit retroDIODE
LED for LEITZ microscope fits Ortholux II
LED retrofit for Leitz microscope LED for classic microscopes

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See a review of this product by James Averill
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